Well Well Well (Music Video)

This is a video made mainly with the kinect camera, QuartzComposer, and OpenGL shaders: The song is performed by my band, Two "____'s" : www.facebook.com/twoblanks I recorded the song using Logic X, an AMI modified Shure 58 on vocals and some guitar - EV RE50 on a couple other clean guitar parts, AMI Blackspade Acoustics UM17-k47 for room mic on drums, Beesneez Isobel front of kit. Bass was direct, with a tab-funkenwerk solid-state DI. The preamps were mainly a Telefunken v672 for most stuff, but also a Summit TPA200B Dual Tube Preamp on the dirty guitar and whisper vocals I believe. The camera work was done with a single Kinect camera. The areas where we appear side by side are achieved through compositing. The looks were developed for the most part in single compositions which were live captured or rendered, and then subsequently edited.