Mod Filter - with Raymarched Shapes Awhile back, I had the idea of making a mod filter, but with a ray marched object in substitute for the typical dot. This is related to ideas I've tried on the CPU many times, where I have obtained pixel values with some kind of read pixels type code, and the convert each pixel into structure, that ultimately controls gl_Color on a given 3D object. I have also done similar in OpenCL at various times, or even with Kineme3D, by creating a custom patch or through iteration (slower). In working with ray marched objects in a shader, that are repeated via a mod function, it was frustrating me that there was no way to upload a CPU type structure to the shader that was easy, for the purpose of giving attributes to each object repetition. After a short time it occurred to be that data could simply be held in a texture, and that pixel values could control attributes of the object. So, I decided to try that by making a simple shader with ray marched spheres, where sphere sizing happens according to video input. This is that basic premise, setup in WebGL. This needs a WebGL complaint browser to view, probably best in Google Chrome. EDIT- this is now just linked, since the video would start no matter what, pumping Britney Spears into your browser, uncontrollably!