Status Update

Here's what's been up with me lately....

 -VUO - the VUO node based programming system had it's beta come out a bit ago, and in the time leading up to that, I spent a bunch of time woodhshedding with it and writing a bunch of custom nodes; image filters and graphics generators. The system is moving along nicely, and I think I'll be using it for professional work sooner than I had anticipated.

 -ADAMS - the visualizer application I program has had numerous new features and methods of control being tested, though release version has been stable for a few months (no new major features, no new bugs). I'm taking advantage of the lack of people asking me about new features to try out wild new ideas and see how they pan out. I recommend that anyone that develops applications try to develop various versions in parallel (if time and resources allow) once stability and basic feature set is there, because it can help to see how things might work without being locked in.

 -Tried out Touch Designer a few times. It's nice, I think there is much excessive hype.

 -Went out to the recording studio of a longtime friend of mine's, Scott Gould. It is pretty darn serious - Neotek console, iZ RADARs, intense mic cabinet (neumann, gefell, lucas, soundelux, wunder, etc.). He wound up sending me home with a cheaper, but still very nice, ADK A-51TC tube microphone, which has a pretty nice sound. I made this with it (solo recording):

...and a little earlier I did a quicker test, a little "mini-song":


-Did some guitar solo work on a record by "To Kill A Mockingbird", which is a band I'm playing with, with a few friends, featuring the song writing of Brian Johnson.

 -More recording and production of the "Two Fucks" record. Brian Olson, the other member wound up picking up some new cymbals, and scored a vintage Rogers kit for $200, so that was neat. The basic recording setup sounds excellent, and song arrangements have been being fleshed out as we record the practices. This is an instrumental recording from right after things got finished getting setup (not using the Rogers, but a Gretsch Catalina Maple). Room mics are turned up pretty high here because it's the vibe I was after, but the setup can get a very tight close mic sound as well: