opensourcing the soul

Lately I've been wondering if opensource hasn't been killing the code art scene in a way. I've opensourced a ton of code over the years, and recently I've been having many second thoughts about how great an idea that is for a number of reasons.

For one, it aids in visual art becoming generic and the tools dictating the output. As various code snippets get mixed and matched, the building blocks define the framework which visuals can work within. Instead of people thinking of something they want to communicate, and a visual that conveys that, people are just mixing and matching, cutting and pasting code blocks that they often don't understand until a visual result happens that they like. The result from that can be awesome, but when everyone is doing that, it seems like visual cliche is the result.

Another thing is that there are tons of people that lack motivation, originality, or style, and coast off of the labor of others. That really sucks, and allows there to be a scenario where much of the art foisted upon us is "a copy of a copy of a copy", to quote Trent Reznor. Since the person that made whatever is a few generations away from the original inspiration, it's just diluted and sucky.

In my estimation, people should not be so cavalier about what they opensource, or even show people, because there are many desperate people out there that just don't have great ideas, so they mine for the ideas of others. If you put the blueprint of how your ideas work out there, don't be surprised if people don't act honorably. Instead, just take your own ideas to the hilt, make them fully realized (not "tests!"), and then put them out there to ENTERTAIN.