Quality Control Twit

Hey everybody, what's up? I haven't been attending to the blog too much, which is obvious. Off the top, and of pertinence to QuartzComposer/VJ/VDMX types, I've written a line rendering Quartz Composer Plugin that will allow a line to render in VDMX. https://www.dropbox.com/s/djmbgbtco7fh5qc/Line.plugin.zip Thanks to Jim Warrier for the suggestion, and for Dave Lublin from Vidvox. A tutorial/explanation of the code of the plugin will be forthcoming. For those who have been following the blog for awhile, you will notice it has shifted back to it's old URL. That's mainly because GOOGLE screwed up my (paid for) renewal of the georgetoledo(dot)com url, and I haven't taken it up with anyone. I guess I have to spend some time researching what one does when a company cyber-squats on your url.