Song Bloggin'

I've spent the past few months solidly working on code, and not much time making any music. It doesn't take too long to get rusty! Bypass this post if you're just interested in my code and graphics stuff, this is pretty much personal and indulgent.

On Saturday I spent some time playing my acoustic, and wound up writing some songs. I spent a little more time yesterday and today, and wrote a few more. I probably spent 15~30 minutes writing and recording each, just recording them using my laptop microphone. It was kind of fun and reminded me of recording songs on my Realistic tape recorder back in my teens.

So, what I'm not really trying to do with this is spend much time playing/singing/performing these that well. I basically spent enough time to write a melody, the chords, write some lyrics that fit, and get them recorded. Then after I see how they strike me over time, I may decide to take the time to polish them up and record them with a full arrangement of instruments, or additional parts/lyrics/whatever.

I think this and the next song are my two favorite of recently rattled off song ideas. It was interesting to write a song involving the Yakuza.

The chorus line sounded kinda spooky, so I liked it.

Kinda a hokey one. I wouldn't normally follow through with a verse riff like this, because it reminds me of Rick Springfield, but I said "fuck it", and decided to see where it went.

As I started with this one, I almost gave up midway, because the verse thing reminds me way too much of some missing McCartney or CSN song, which then made it hokey for me.

The motivation on this one was to write something like a super old "whacky" type rock song. Like Louie Louie or something.

This is basically a split between Survivor and Stevie Nicks.

Kind of a Beachboys / 60's song kind of thing.

This is pretty much another example of experimenting with way more basic chord progressions and structures than would be usual for me.

There's a certain chord move that's done in tons of songs from the sixties, where you get the root chord, and sharp the fifth, then go to the sixth, then the seventh, then use that to walk up to the IV chord. In particular, a song called "Flowers and Beads", by Iron Butterfly, was on my mind. I'd played with them some when I was a teenager, and became aware of the kind of standard chord progression it was back then. I thought it would be fun to do something like that. The end came to me first, and I started matching some words to the melody, and when I got to "getting over on you", it seemed interesting, so I fleshed it out from there.

I stumbled on the little riff that ends each chord progression cycle, and decided to write a song around it. It's predictable, but maybe I'll work something out with it.

In trying to blast through fitting some lyrics around the riff on this one, I came wound up writing a phrase that was totally grammatically wrong. On looking at it again, I decided to just keep it and make it the song name. Pretty silly, but I'm not trying to write War & Peace.

This song is the only one that uses something that I'd written previously; the main intro/verse riff. This was the first song that set off my little song writing streak. A little high pitched and nasal on the lyric, as I've probably listened to too much of the first Pixies record recently and overdid it.