von Neumann Reaction Diffusion

von Neumann Method from George Toledo on Vimeo.

I set up this "von Neumann" style Reaction Diffusion in QC recently, just to see what the hype was about. I'd messed with Grey-Scott Reaction Diffusion systems before, and am generally interested in the subject of reaction diffusion and liquid simulations.

This mixes in a bit of perlin noise and does a classic color cycle, telemundo psychedelic style. It's not really much great to speak of at this point; it would look much cooler if I had used the colors to setup an environment texture mapping, but, this is just the first test.

Reaction Diffusion systems always seem hard to tweak... delicate, finicky things where slight tweaks, of 1/1000 of a value can actually make a big difference, as can fluctuating the values.

I want to experiment more with mixing in noise to see what kind of results I get. With this, the noise got overwhelmed very quickly by the reaction diffusion system. If I get anything good, I'll try to go into the nuts and bolts in greater detail.