QC Desktop 1.0

This is a really basic app that gives you a way to play a qtz file at Desktop level.

I've had some friends that aren't really programmers want to playback arbitrary qtz files at desktop level (eg., the window level your desktop background picture is at), and I decided to spend a few minutes slapping this app together to help with that.

To load a new file, make sure the app is "in focus", by clicking the app's icon in Dock. Then press Command+i, or choose the Parameters option from the Menu. Enter your new file path, or drag the file into the Filepath field.

No warranties are implied, use at your own risk, etc. There's nothing to really worry about with the app since it's so basic, but since it will load any qtz file dropped into the filepath, there's a chance of loading something that wasn't written correctly, and causes a crash.

Since the app is made to remember the user's settings, if this happens, trash the app's Preferences plist from your ~Library/Preferences folder, so that it won't load your problem file, or remove the problem file from the location the app is trying to load it from.