Explaining "Particle Tools" Bandaid Version

What "Particle Tools" Bandaid version is, is this: a version of Particle Tools that restores the Kineme3D Particle to working status. I also built it 64/32 bit universal so that patches will restore in QC when opened in 64 bit mode.

So, again, this is the bandaid; K3D particle objects being made to render with newer versions of K3D, when running Particle Tools in 32 bit mode.

Particle Tools is based on a 32 bit library. It really needs to be run in 32 bit mode for it to run correctly. One *may* be able to run Particle Tools with a limited function set, when using the Kineme3D particle, in 64 bit mode, but it is not endorsed (for example, the color pipeline of Particle Tools is 32 bit, and using this in 64 bit mode will result in unexpected results and/or crashes).

I have spent some time on bringing Particle Tools up to speed to work in 64 bit, but it requires more extensive modification of the source libraries. I haven't had time to devote to it, since my modifications have been done strictly on off time.