Yet Another Note About DL's Being Back Up

I've been populating the Box dowload widget with A GREAT DEAL OF STUFF. More will come (as I've said.)

If you're logged in with a Google ID, or I believe with (maybe?) I get info about who downloaded what. If you download anonymously, I obviously get no info.

Now, what I ask of YOU. If you're downloading files, please make yourself known to me when you can. Email me -, or reply here onsite. I wish to know how people are using these, if there are issues, and put a name or face with the people using this stuff. Also, I haven't used much of this on OS X Lion, and there may be issues. Most of this stuff was designed using SL, some with Leopard. Please let me know if you experience problems. And I accept no culpability if you suffer data loss, or your computer catches on fire! Call up Apple and complain to them about their inconsistent graphics drivers. :-)

And hey, even *consider* donating (note the widget to the right). I've put some serious hours into many of these, and if you have the means, please reciprocate. If you don't, I'm glad I was able to help. Is there something here that you need source to? Let me know.

NONE of this is for commercial use, unless it states otherwise somewhere in the file.

Downloads originally went down for two reasons. First, I needed to cull some stuff out that had become deprecated. Two, I was having severe amounts of downloads of certain files with absolutely no info or feedback from users. So, if you're downloading this stuff, and not logged in, in a way that ID's you, please give me a head's up about how you're liking and using the files, and please always feel free to ask questions!