Object Kit : Kineme3D Interaction

This looks super dull, but it's a little demo I made to show a non-Apple "interaction" system happening with ObjectKit.

I'm generating objects with Kineme3D, and using the next (unpublished) version of ObjectKit to establish a structure of positions. The ObjectKit setup allows me to grab each individual Kineme3D object, and move them around by manipulating their positions through interaction of the mouse and the QuartzComposer.app's Viewer window.

This feature will be added to an update soon.

The implications of this are more along the lines of making quality GUI, and games that allow one to render and manipulate complex 3D objects in realtime, through mouse input, OR any other kind of hardware capable of delivering vector input and an off/on boolean value *in all 3 axes*, x/y/z, as well as manipulate things like scale, texture offsets, etc.