Object Kit, Alpha 1

Object Kit Alpha 1 Download

This is an alpha release of Object Kit.plugin. Testing has largely been in Snow Leopard and Leopard, with minimal testing of function on OS X 10.7, Lion.

Install in Users/"yourname"/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches

This release is largely ancillary to Kineme's excellent Kineme3D patch, available @ http://kineme.net/Kineme3D  You must have purchased Kineme3D to run many of these patches. If you haven't where have you been?! :-)  

This patch includes:

Object Kit : Structure Exporter - This patch will create an NSKeyedArchive from a QCStructure. This does not require Kineme3D.

Object Kit : Render : Kineme3D Object - This patch is reminiscent of Kineme3D's Object Render patch, but with built in GL Polygon modes to render objects as lines or points without necessitating other patches.

Object Kit : Generate : Grid - This patch is based on Kineme's GL Tools Grid Generator patch (src @ http://kineme.net/release/GLTools/11), but has been optimized to work with Object Kit, and adjusted to not crash (afaik). This does not require Kineme3D.

Object Kit : Structure Render : Kineme3D Objects - This patch allows one to render a given Kineme3D object multiple times, by inputting a QC structure that dictates vector positions. This has support for all QCStructure types. Using "keyed structures" will allow one to control elements of sizing, etc. One can send a single keyed structure that dictates position, sizing, color, etc., or instead use a separate Color Structure input. This also has support for a different texture per object. Please note : built in Tile Image feature only works in 10.5 and 10.6, deprecated in 10.7. See demo compositions for workaround.

Demo Compositions:

ObjectKit - JS Particles Demo.qtz : This uses Zuga's Javascript Objects to show how to generate an ad hoc particle systems of Kineme3D objects.

ObjectKit - K3D Heightfield Polygon Mode.qtz : This demonstrates how to create a Rutt Etra like heightfield using Kineme3D's Heightfield patch, and ObjectKit's built in polygon mode.

ObjectKit - NSKeyedArchiver.qtz : This patch demonstrates the ability of the Structure Exporter to write a QCStructure to an NSKeyedArchive as a plist file.

ObjectKit - ObjectKit Grid Generator and Image Structure Demo.qtz : This patch demonstrates generation of vertices that are used to place Kineme3D objects in a grid formation, and then texture each Kineme3D object with a distinct image texture, through the use of an Image Structure input.

ObjectKit - ObjectKit Image Texturing Demos (Leopard and SL, Lion).qtz : These patches demonstrate using Object Kit, an NSDictionary type structure, and GL_TEXTURE_2D to create tiled images. Built in tiling is deprecated in Lion, for now (next update, will hopefully fix this.)

ObjectKit - ObjectKit Manual Fixtures (Requires Kineme Structure Tools).qtz : This shows how to manually create a structure of positions to feed Object Kit's Structure Renderer.

ObjectKit - OpenCL Interoperation Demo.qtz : This shows how to generate a grid using an OpenCL kernel, and use that "10.6" style QCStructure as input to ObjectKit, to dictate placement of Kineme3D objects.

-Conversion of QCStructures for use as source geometry (vertices/normals).
-Additional model loader lib.
-Support for rendering QCMesh objects at multiple positions, ala Object Kit : Structure Render (may not be possible due to changes in QCMesh between 10.6 and 10.7, or just too time consuming).
-Fix built in "Tile Image" feature of Structure Render to work in Lion, 10.7.
-NSKeyedArchive import/Structure Importer.