Skanky SDK Release / Line and Point Structure Renderers WITH Color Keys

As anyone who is anyone in Quartz Composer geekery knows, the Skanky SDK has been recently updated.

I've taken the opportunity to make the Texture Transform Environment (see last post), but also some small mods to the GL Tools Point and Line renderer patches, by adding the ability to send keyed color structures the same way that works with Kineme GL Quad. It was inspired by someone recently asking why they didn't respond to keyed color struct.

They can install separately from GL Tools, they're just based on the code.

So, these should be considered illegitimate children of GL Tools, basically:

...and here's the talk page (where I posted the source).

Remember, when it comes to the Skanky SDK / QCPatches (as opposed to QCPlugins):

"Warning: This is a private API. Apple does not allow apps created using private APIs to be sold in the App Store."-Kineme