Away Walk

Away Walk from George Toledo on Vimeo.

The James Gang has always been a favorite, and I've long loved the "bahhhh bomp bomp ba daaa" power chord breakdown in Walk Away. I always felt like it set up for a beat to kick in.

The scrungy stuff that kicks in at the beginning is a bit of guitar harmonics that happens towards the end of the song, mixed with a really screwed up and destroyed segment of one of the wah riffs, that I've turned into a feedback loop.

Then, I kick in some drums I've put together with MIDI/Bigg Muff Distortion stuff... I think there's some copious amounts of flanging going on as well. I really want to "shout out" to those Soundhack plugins, because I love them. I'm doing some of the mixing in realtime, with the main part of the arrangement established already. So, I'm doing the audio and visuals on the fly.

The visual is a live feed of some James Gang footage from the web, being screengrabbed with v002, run through some fbo texture v002 glitch, some cmyk and dot screen effects, some core image to tweak colors, zoom blur, some feedback loops, and that's about it! Done with Quartz Composer in realtime. It kinda craters a little because I'm doing a screengrab, which is sad. It's very smooth without the screengrab sucking up CPU... should have used Remote Desktop.