This is a simple app that outputs positive index values via buttons, and a 0-1 range float via a slider. It send these values via OSC, so that one can receive them in QuartzComposer (or other app of your choice). IP , Port 60000 .

Even though controls are fairly limited at the moment, there is a great deal that one can do by having a little floating GUI that delivers index/integer counts. One can use it to navigate through various sources, through directory scanning, multiplexing, or demultiplexing. The float slider can be assigned to a parameter of interest, such as an effect amount, or something that changes scale or placement. (Thanks to Steve Mokris for shedding light on some functionality. Some principles involved are related to his VCR.qtz ).

The app stays floating so that you can always count on having it handy when using it to trigger events.

If there's interest in this, I'll consider fleshing it out, perhaps by adding more sliders, and raising available source count.