is a straightforward and simple app, that can be used to visualize image information from the Microsoft Kinect, when used with a Macintosh computer, Snow Leopard 10.6.

Features Include:
-Ability to address a specific Device ID.
-Visualization of the Depth and Color outputs, as well as representation as GLSL mesh.
-Depth or Color image texturing of the GLSL mesh, as well as width, height, and vertical and horizontal alignment parameters.
- Full texture(triangle), point cloud, and wireframe modes. GLSL grid resolution settings are included so that one can create horizontal or vertically striped looks. Support for line and point antialiasing, with supported GPU's.
-Variable BackClip parameter to cull out GLSL mesh with low luminosity.
-Variable DepthAmount (extrusion).
-Global Scaling and zoom (z-axis translate) ability.
-Interactive mouse tracking for rotation of GLSL mesh. Two finger click to reset to default position.

This Kinect info is received using the Kinect Tools plugin (, which utilizes libfreenect's kinect driver.

For non commercial use only, as is, no warranties implied. Use at your own risk (this *has* been well tested).

Make sure to have your kinect plugged into power supply and usb.