OSCeleton on Mac...

The current version of OSCeleton on github is supposed to work with OS X, but unfortunately, was made with gcc 4.0, and compiled to classic environment, which is sort of useless for Snow Leopard. Thankfully, some tweaking on the last version yields a mac compilable version.

Hopefully, this will get sorted out, something along these lines will get pushed to be the release, and robust support for multiple joints will get worked out. Right now, I believe only one joint at a time is broadcasting because of the fact that there are supposed to be spaces between floats to separate the joint data.

I'm really looking forward to getting this sorted out. For now, there's a mild sense of satisfaction in "sort of" getting it going. Mega thanks to Zach Polley for the working bin/makefile and helping understand what was wrong with the current, smokris, bmellen, cwright for Terminal tips, and of course, Tony Gonçalves.