Generative Content - Fractals

A month or so ago I was delving heavily into fractals, mainly for one reason; content! By being able to generate scenes by pure math / OpenGL Shader code (or other shader code, like HLSL, Cg, OpenCL, etc., for that matter) and have a bunch of great, unique, fractals on the back burner, I ended up creating a big original library of fractal schemes that evoke different types of landscapes and settings.

I decided to look into some "new" fractals that have been developed recently, that are apparently both related to the mandelbrot set; the mandelbulb, and the mandelbox. I wanted to look at those routines, to see if I was "missing out" on anything useful in my own fractal routines.

I can't say I am! They're just unique and different. I think that both routines seem pretty pricey, but yield nice looks. I see some possible areas for speed optimization (some of which are implemented in these images), so I'll probably look at these two some more in the future.