Remixification - Kings Of Leon - Sex On Fire

Sex On Fire - Kings Of Leon - Remix from George Toledo on Vimeo.

This is a remix combined with an accompanying visualization that I programmed.

I've had a bit of a revitalized interest in remixes in the past weeks. It's a fun diversion from writing songs as a musical outlet sometimes.

This Kings Of Leon remix was particularly fun to try out. The singer's performance has a great bit of "wild abandon" and is very passionate, and organic. The note choice and long wails actually reminded me of the attack of a lead guitar in some ways. (This led to me treating it more like a lead guitar, and even doing some "octavia" style doubling on the lead vocal at points). Also prominent, though usually not too obvious, is my use of vocoders on reverbs, and formant/pitch changing on various loops to get some unique textures. Lots of tubescreamer, ratt and big muff distortions, and little smokey re-amplification.

The visualization is of both channels of the mix, L/R, 512 frequency bands of each. I process them with a v002 dilate effect at points, add in staggered feedback effects at points, use an extrusion GLSL shader, and v002 FBO Glitch. The idea was for the channels of frequency to look like they begin heating up, through graphics glitching and start emanating a kind of steam/smoke, as the core of the visualization looks like it starts flaring up light in a kind of stylized way (eg., "on fire"). This is a bit of oversimplification... there are various color control methods along the way, and some core image effects to tune things.

The idea behind the remix was to not have the yin/yang of verse chorus in the original, but to slowly introduce elements until the end, and have an electronic feel. I find the original to be very effective, and clearly a better concept overall. It is with great deference that I did this remix, and it was because I felt the original was a catchy song, with a good delivery.