Apple MultiTouch - Fingerprints

When I was working on example compositions for the Kineme Multitouch patch for Quartz Composer, I wanted standout composition, and I asked myself, "what describes Multitouch, visually"?

By that, I mean, how could I create a realtime animation, that when photographed, or rendered, immediately conveyed to the reader that the graphic was created by touch.

I went through different ideas, and I hit on the idea of a fingerprint. Even though multitouch isn't legitimately reading the detail of your fingerprint, the image of a fingerprint conveys the message, "touch". Seeing multiple fingerprints conveys "multitouch".

This is a rendering that shows that composition and some related compositions, and was a bit of a promo clip for the multitouch patch. It's been featured in Create Digital Motion, and the patch itself has proven popular, useful, and stable.

So, when I saw the new advertising for Multitouch capability for the iPod nano, on, I was pretty enthused!

The thing that I particularly like is that the same colors were used; I liked them, because I thought it gave a nice open vibe.

It's interesting when something ends up becoming part of the visual lexicon, so to speak.