Quartz Composer GLSL Examples

I've gathered some recent Quartz Composer GLSL examples that I've made, and uploaded them to the Box.net widget on this site.

You will find a Wave GLSL, a few types of Vertex Distortion GLSL programs with varying levels of Lighting and Color control (this makes for a good lesson in "how to add Lighting or Color control" by comparing shader programming), and a type of GLSL program that shades something so that it looks like it is being rendered in a Square Wireframe mode. This is useful since real wireframe rendering options in Quartz Composer are limited to triangle, and setting up the model so that it's wireframe before one imports it into QC will result in more vertices than this method, to render a comparable number of "wire squares". Your model will need to have normals and UV's for this method to work.