Facial Animation in Quartz Composer

In growing interested with some clips I've seen for the OFX plugin for QC, and what vade has going with facial animation, but with just x/y interaction exposed in QC (I believe).

After thinking about it a bit, I realized that I could do the same type of effects already in QC, by using the Kineme3D Mesh Blender, and have a great deal of control. This technique uses morph target animation where each morph has to be a separate object (not one base file, and then "instruction/modifier" files, either built in or separate). That means that each file has to be something like an obj, fbx, 3ds, etc., with the same vertex count, and each vertex has to be in the same order from mesh to mesh.

The big plus about having so much control, is that way more logic and interactive methods can happen. For instance, I have developed a routine that uses OpenCV to track a person's mouth, and then tracks the opening and closing of the mouth to effect the 3D head opening and closing it's mouth.

The lack of good sample meshes kind of prevented me from going down this route sooner, but now that curiosity is getting the better of me, and I'm seeing what it can do (and please, this video clip doesn't come close to showing the full potential), I plan on using it much more. I have a feeling that some of the mesh distortion plugins and ruby script addons for Sketchup may make for an ultra quick and cheap (if non-traditional) route to setting up models for this.

This model (in the video) is pretty low poly count, and has quite a faceted look... that doesn't HAVE to be that way, and in fact, this can look very slick and organic. This is just a by product of the model I'm working with. That said, core image can be used to really smooth it out... but I'm showing this "raw".

I did use a little kineme texture to feed the image input just to put "something" on there. The models can be fully textured... I have a stencil for this model, but didn't delve into making a legitimate texture for it yet.