Kineme 3D Structure Render and Explode Force

One of the coolest updates to the world of Quartz Composer, and especially Kineme3D users is going to be the new update to K3D, free to current license holders. To people that program with QC that don't have it... what, are you nuts?

One of the limitations of rendering multi-obj 3D objects with K3D in the past was the fact that if you wanted to render every piece of an object structure, one had to employ an iterator and iterator the structure, or break away every piece of the structure and use a separate render. For objects with structure of hundreds or even a couple thousand elements it could get a little absurd.

Enter the structure render. Connect the "objects" output into a structure range, set the length to your object count, plug the output into your Kineme3D Structure Render patch, and everything automatically renders in one piece. Really sweet for the large library of free multi-obj style, fbx, obj, and 3ds files out there. This is a tremendous time saver.

Now there is also a new "explode force" that works on single meshes or on multi-obj files. On multi object files one will see each element blast apart from one another. On single mesh files one gets a cool kind of cracking. Below is an example of the explode force, coupled with the structure render.