DAE to GL Tools Structure

GL Tools 1.4 has been released, which brings some cool twists for those using SL.

With this update comes the ability for the structure render patches to render structures created by OpenCL kernels, in 10.6. While one of my first interests was in using this with OpenCL height fields, and procedural terrain type ideas, a potentially quicker, and probably more wide appeal use, is to use the GL Tools structure patches to render wireframe or point versions of loaded DAE / Collada models. The example qtz's that come with the update show it connected to an OpenCL kernel, but it may not be obvious how easy it is to render a model with these patches. This technique provides a nice looking alternative to the textured look of the stock renderer, or the stock vertex/normals display patches.

The nice thing about the GL Tools point structure is that the points can have any texture. In addition, there isn't any provision for line structure like this with stock Apple patches. The textured points thing is a big one, because it allows 3d figures to look like they are composited of say, stars, for one example.

Loading a dae and rendering it with a structure patch is cake. Take a "get mesh component" patch, and set it to get the "vertices" (or normals, for that matter, as an alternative if the model does have normals) and then patch that to the structure render.

beatles from George Toledo on Vimeo.

grow car grow from George Toledo on Vimeo.

This effect that looks like "growing hair" is done with an additional OpenCL kernel, which is being used to define a width between points, and an additional OpenCL deformation filter.

The basic composition is posted @ http://kineme.net/composition/gtoledo3/ColladaDAEGLToolsStructureOpenCL