Escher's Cube - New Desktop Toy Idea

Escher's Cube from George Toledo on Vimeo.

This is an idea I had when experimenting with what, in my mind, was a kind of 3D Spirograph, but with cubes instead of lines. I started making striped multicolored objects, and my results started hitting me as a kind of M.C Escher-ized version of a Rubik's Cube.

Basically, I like just "playing with it" like a toy (it runs as an application, and morphs into various shapes as you "do" different things), but I felt like making a video render with Quartz Crystal to show it morphing from a cube shape to something more ornate.

I'm flipping it from a "wireframe" outline mode to a solid object for a bit of this, changing color some, to give the look of it kind of fritzing out. I like the thought of tying that visual result to ambient sound, so that it can respond to vocals or music. I'm likely going to give it the virtual "beach ball" treatment, so that I can fling it around the computer screen and have it bounce all over the place. Totally a desktop toy, frilly app.

I'll post a simple app version of it soon.