Setting up 3D Scenes in QC Thoughts -Mulling Over The Interaction Patch, Hit Test, and OpenCL

This patch is a very interesting one.

I keep wanting to be able to use it with full trackpad controls! Wouldn't it be great if one could do Z translation, rotation., etc, as part of the built in features of the patch?

The Interaction example zip, where one has the pictures and takes them from the bottom task bar area to a main area, causing an enlargement of the image, strongly suggests the z-translate to me. An Interaction patch that allowed one to place objects in 3d space, and also rotate objects with simply trackpad commands would be invaluable (as would a split screen that viewed a scene from an arbitrary alternate angle).

Anyone who has tried to place objects or characters in a scene on "the floor" likely has a very good idea of the tedium involved (from this angle it looks ok... oh, darn, the character's foot is going through the floor!).

It might be possible to mod the QC app so that translation/rotation of render patches gets analyzed, and run through a kind of (OpenCL kernel?) hit test thing. This would be so that objects can be "aware" of one another and do things contingent on objects "touching". One could program other events to occur contingent upon a "object hit" event.

This could also be a part of a system of setting max/min boundaries that objects can be "at" given other events. The classic game character jumping up, hitting a block, and something popping out, or a character trying to go through a wall (driven by external joystick), but not being allowed to. This can be done right now, but tediously and instance by instance.

I'm describing it in terms of gaming, but it's obvious that the applications and use case for that could go far beyond.

Hmmmmmmmmm. mmm. m.