SL Redux

Ok, there are way more important things to get indignant about than software.

I find myself returning to Leopard, but splitting time, still messing around with the new OS stuff, but kind of viewing it like a different set of plugins or something. I can't help but think about it like this a bit. I also am tending to shift back to my older thoughts of using it to generate movie imagery, and not really using it for serious distributable apps, since many Leopard things don't work in SL, and vice versa.

Many of the things that I like to do are kind of haywire, and this is even from the "straight up" Apple side of things, not talking about 3rd party plugins. Things like GLSL and CI are kind of broken, and I'm kind of "blah" about it all. I also just find myself not enjoying the actual programming in Quartz Composer as much anymore, because of the interface changes.

I'm enjoying working on other artistic endeavors a bit more, but still doing some Quartz Composer programming every day. I'm growing more interested in real image and perspective tricks outside of the world of computers, and working on music and film. At least that's where I'm at with it now! It will be interesting to see if time makes the changes seem more palatable.