Shadow Building Loop - Snow Leopard Quartz Composer Sample


... and on a similar note as my last post... I would up using the Replicate In Space to create a building loop type of composition, somewhat styled like the variations I built with iterator, because...yep, the Replicate In Space works with shadows.

Do I like it as much as working with the Iterator? Not really. I like the methodology of the iterator, and it's way easier to setup exactly what I want. That said, I'm glad the Replicate In Space works, because easy "in-QC" methods of building scenes that aren't tedious are a win-win thing for me. After saying that... I sure spent a great deal of time getting the Replicate In Space to work and look ok in this scenario, and for the shadows to look favorable.

So, this is a Snow Leopard patch/qtz/simple tutorial example/sample/whatchamacalit file...

Shadow Building Loop from George Toledo on Vimeo.