re "Skygazer" in Snow Leopard

I touched on this in my last post, but I want to stress this:

Skygazer is one of the more popular downloads, and I still see it get downloaded quite often, even with Snow Leopard out. I want to note that in Snow Leopard, it most likely *does not* work the same, and there will definitely be some kind of differences, likely to be mainly with blend mode. Particle Tools 0.3 has not been updated for Snow Leopard.

I've noted that Particle Tools will work partially but only in Replace blend mode, yet the color palette isn't correct. It could still be a useful tool if used wisely, and with the understanding that it's somewhat broken as of now.

Many of my older setups which feature Particles inside of GLSL (hosted offsite at Kineme, or passed around in zips, etc) likely would work normally, as the blend mode of the particle system usually doesn't matter when placed in a GLSL (I may eat my hat on that comment, as I haven't tested it, butttttt.... it's a reasonable conclusion given some testing I've done).

In addition, be very wary when using the Apple Field Of View patch (utilized in Skygazer) in various contexts in Snow Leopard. Some of the new features, namely Mesh and Shadow Lighting, do not work correctly inside of the Projection Environment (Field Of View), which makes the patch somewhat deprecated. The new Snow Leopard Shadow Lighting and Mesh/OpenCL/DAE engine has problems with things that alter the projection matrix in general, whether with Apple's own FOV projection patch, or 3rd party patches, which include clipping of objects and the shadows of the Lighting engine not "lining up" correctly in a scene.

{Also of note is the fact that Shadows do not work on iterated objects, so don't spend too much time on a setup and throw the Shadows on expecting to be wowwed! It IS a handy feature, once you except the limitations for what they are. It's just that it doesn't really work in any of the scenarios I would normally want it to :) This was particularly vexing when trying out shadows on some qtz's that made use of iterators to generate buildings and landscape recently. }