Quick Note about Downloads and OS

All of the apps that are in my downloads were designed for Leopard (and I also cannot remember if I DID actually update my Liquid app with the bug fix either).

Some may or may not work in Snow Leopard. As time rolls on, I'll try to vet the stuff more, and update. Things that used mouse coordinates are likely somewhat broken, and there are likely other issues as well.

Qtz files (NOT apps) that use Kineme3D or GL Tools, should work as long as you are using the most recent betas.

The Particle Tools 3 based qtz's will likely be odd, as the blend modes won't work correctly in SL. Particle Tools will work in "Replace", but the colors will likely be wildly off kilter.

Best regards, and please feel free to ask if there are any problems. It's always best to contact me at gtoledo3@gmail.com . PLEASE, if I don't respond, don't feel afraid to email me more than once... occasionally emails do slip through the cracks.