Quartz Composer Snow Leopard : New ADC Example "Wind Tunnel.qtz" - 2D Fluid Sim and 3D Mesh

I was pretty excited at seeing some of the new OpenCL examples pop up at Apple Developer Connection, because they felt more like compositions I would setup than the ones I had seen ship with Snow Leopard, to be quite frank!

The composition itself is interesting in that there's a keyboard reset patch for the 2d fluid sim that is not connected and just hanging out on the editor, and that the mesh is in a trackball that's turned off with an insert splitter that had come off of the "track mouse" option, but that isn't connected, suggesting a bit of indecisiveness! Turning on the trackball tends to reveal the weakness of the fluid sim being 2d.

In any event, I still thought it was a valiant effort, and it looks VERY cool. Cool enough to be fairly excited about!