Liquid App-"Reloaded/Simple"


This thing has been a giant scribble on top of my head, as if I was Ziggy or Charley Brown. Irritating from go, never worked right.

Apologies to all who downloaded it. I thought I had already deleted it, to be frank!

Trash it!


Ok, I should probably leave this forever, in limbo, but I just made a basic working version, for nostalgia's sake :)

This will NOT work in Snow Leopard. That's why I say I should leave well enough alone! For those in Leopard, it will open as an audio reactive, particle/liquid system, with simple velocity tied to audio. It will open up as a floating window, with a white background, and some fixed math to make the effect work reasonably.

This one uses the v002 datamosh (Ahhh, I can never remember exactly what he calls it), to decent effect... IF it works on your system! [EDIT: It's called v002 Optical Flow... and I believe an SL version will come out sometime soon.]