Snow Leopard Quartz Composer Sample Clips and some general Snow Leopard thoughts...

These are some video clips of the new Quartz Composer in Snow Leopard in action; "rendered" video of some animations that would normally show up in the QC viewer, created via Quartz Crystal.

Lake View from George Toledo on Vimeo.

This clip above shows the new shadow function in action, while loading a dae mesh, using the new mesh patches.

shadow test from George Toledo on Vimeo.

Now this one is basically another "shadow test" thing, but I was seeing how zoom blur looked on a scene.

warp room from George Toledo on Vimeo.

This is a bit cooler... it shows the OpenCL deformers in action. Truth be told... they aren't really faster than the Kineme3D stuff that's been around for ages. I do not think that GPU acceleration is really being implemented across board, even though that's supposed to be the whole "new thing" with Snow Leopard.

On another note, the shadow patch is a bit of a cludge. It doesn't work on iterated objects, doesn't work well with projection patches (like FOV), and has a number of other idiosyncratic points. I don't have any screenshots of that handy.

Shadow Ninja from George Toledo on Vimeo.

Now, the one above is a combo of the new Apple dae loading, along with Kineme3D for the character animation. It's not a bad combo at all.

With the new Snow Leopard QC... weirdness abounds.

It really feels like the clock ran out, or that maybe no one really used it much. One look at the editor background adjusted to less than alpha, with a two finger scroll... and the subsequent graphic trails are totally embarrassing. It is embarrassing. Did I say embarrassing?

A major new feature half broken; shadows are not working with ...iterators. Yikes. Lack of OpenCL support on... supported cards. I think I'm going to self-hypnotize myself into thinking of Snow Leopard as a beta, to keep myself an Apple user. It is the lack of real alternative that keeps me hanging in, and a long tradition of Apple eventually figuring it out.

I wonder if THIS is what happens when Steve Jobs isn't around cracking the whip? Maybe he was? Who knows? It's just.... lame.

Then there are the kernel panics. Around a dozen with this build so far, the GM, on the current common GPU combo for laptops (the NVIDIA 9400/9600 combo). Arrrrrrggggggh. I'm not even talking about panics from running Quartz Composer, or anything crazy. Causes for kernel panics include, but are not limited to - doing nothing, browsing files, using Dashboard, or using Safari. Doing nothing is a prevalent cause of kernel panic.

What is the use of a bunch of new stuff, if it's half broken (like the acidflashback editor opacity issue, the shadows that don't work with iterators, renderers not disappearing when you cut/delete, the template page that doesn't allow new templates, the "cool" gui that will make your eyes bleed after a long day of work)? Maybe some of the time that was spent on the broken GUI could have been spent on the broken patches, so that at least ONE of the new things wasn't fubar in some way.

This is the kind of screw up that seriously expends good will.

That said, there are some real hints of greatness, and I am totally wow-ed by much of it. It's just... SUPER beta. I mean, a kernel that's unstable on the most recent build 17" Macbook Pro. Really? Are you *&*^%^%^ serious? The KERNEL IS UNSTABLE. WTF?! WHY!?

That is the WHOLE REASON TO USE MACINTOSH. The very reputation of stability that the Apple name has been built on has been totally thrown out the window to beat... Windows 7? That would be SAD.

The only reasons that this won't be deemed a failure is that fanboy tech writers are largely ignorant of the problems that have been introduced with this OS while just rewriting the press releases anyway (and I've found a few doozy bugs totally aside from QC), and that it's so cheap of an upgrade. It's hard to complain when the OS only costs $30, but it feels like paying someone to say nice things to you while punching you in the balls.