CoGe PSDLayers : Loading Arbitrary amounts of layer counts with the CoGe psd loader plugin for Quartz Composer

I've attached (to my "Box" widget on the sidebar) a zip of an example .qtz file that is a sample of how to setup the CoGe psd loader plugin ( ) to load a psd with an arbitrary layer count, removing the need to manually setup each layer. The name of the plugin is "PSDLayers", and you will have to go to the site and register to download it.

This is a really nice plugin, but please note that it isn't setup to do relative paths (yet?). You will have to manually re-insert the psd file (or choose your own original). I think this is a little snazzier (and much quicker) way of previewing psd files when using this qtz / plugin combo than the supplied example qtz that comes with the plugin, which requires that each layer be manually setup. That can be a bit unfeasible for many scenarios.