Kineme Particle example : Skygazer

I've uploaded a qtz called "skygazer" to the Box widget.

This qtz shows a way of setting up a fanciful starry sky scene with the Kineme Particle Tools, and the annotations inside should point towards some of the logic.

Kineme Particle Tools is a REALLY cool port of VEE to QC, with some interesting enhancements and adaptions. I find it to be a pretty cool accomplishment (kudos to Steve Mokris and Chris Wright), and seeing that python library working in QC via patch is a trip to say the least.

Checking out the particle tools examples in the Kineme tarball source file, and just poking around is a great idea as far as figuring out how to manipulate the particle tools, and the logic in connecting objects to a scene in order to create a successful particle tools setup. It can still be a little unclear because of the terminology of some of the patches I think.

NOTE (!!!) : Objects like Vortexes, Particles, Explosions, etc., need to be hooked to Emitters, which are *also* objects.

The essence is that one needs to create, as a starting point, an Object:Particle(or other Object:) connected to an Object:Emitter via the "Emitted Object" Port on the Object:Emitter, and then connect that to a Particle Scene.

From there, forces such as "Force:Gravity, Wind, etc" can be connected as objects to the Particle Scene, or extra emitter chains can be added. Those emitters can be fed by other types of emitted objects, such as the Object:Explosion, or Vortex, and so on.

The particle tools are "deep" in function, and there are sometimes multiple ways to get similar effects (setting up for color tables, vs random color for example). I think one could make dozens of particle tool compositions and probably not elucidate all of those... as always, the best thing is to just tear into it and start manipulating the file to see what happens (especially the Kineme example files at