Feel So Alive

In four words, "you are the video", on this one.

The song is something from at least 4~5 years ago... actually really out of left field for me, but if you knew the stuff I was listening to it would make sense. This must have surely come out of some blend of High Llamas, Lee Perry, Joe Jackson's Night and Day, Stereolab, Information Society, but also out of having heard whisps of whatever is called "post rock"... that really minimalist stuff... Sea and Cake? I actually don't really know that music, it's one of those things where someone inundated me with a bunch of it during a listening session one day, and it left a little impression.

I remember thinking that I wanted to do something that was almost static in "movement" but just kept kind of circling around with pieces morphing slowly... whereas most of my songwriting tends to hinge on "forward movement" for lack of a better term.

The programming stuff is a bit of mix of some "go to" things of mine for sure... I've used similar concepts in other things, and even considered putting some different music in with this setup, but I've had this version laying around for a couple of months, and it's grown on me. There is stuff like spherical rendering, particle systems, some escher-esque tunnels, etc, etc... The file requires a camera be connected to the mac, since it uses the camera feed for most of the image content.

Sooo, the download is in my box account, and if you are on Leopard you should be good.