Sensational Moonlight

This is OLD. I think I do smoother visual stuff now. Sometimes I like really smoothed out audio response to visual, other times I like something really literal that conveys the peaks that many people can't hear. Hard to say which is better... I did the visual 9ish months ago, and the song is maybe a year or more older than that.

I thought about this a couple of weeks ago, when I was listening to another keyboard player playing with a similar tone, and I was thinking "oh, they are playing something that sounds like Sensational Moonlight.... and then I realized that I had actually been subliminally influenced by THEIR playing years earlier! Weird serendipitous moment.

This is extreme dubbery. Dry dub. I took it down to one instrument. It sounds like a total solo keyboard thing but this was originally a thing with all kinds of instruments riffing off one another and answering back and forth... that sounds very cool in it's own right. However... one ill-fated day, I turned on my mixer and I had whatever track the keyboards was on solo-ed from having worked on another song. As soon as I heard the solo-ed track, it was much more jarring... probably not as widespread appeal, but it pleased me much more. I KNOW what I like, but it's waste of time second guessing what others like.

The visual was an experiment in something that ... I'm pretty sure no one was doing before me, but I could be wrong. I've not read any kind of documentation or references to it though... What I'm doing is taking a particle system, and wrapping the entire system in a glsl shader that is meant to to deform a glsl grid into a shape. Instead of deforming a grid, I deform a particle system. The way that Quartz Composer works makes it fairly easy to accomplish this... though I will say that when I first started doing this, it would cause all kinds of gnarly crashes. I think that Apple has tweaked this a great deal... someone probably got tired of getting all of my crash reports. (I'm sure it has nothing to do with me... QC tends to tighten up with each update, and they have a great time... and that's nice). Great stock fallback... shove stuff in a shader and see it look cool, lame, or freezes your computer... good odds, I'd say.

I also used an orthographic projection style (kineme GL Tools)... which I feel like I need to start trying out again. I had something today that I should have used it on... darn.