Spheres and Petri

I was a bit flummoxed with the mystery problem with Liquid.app running on different systems, and wanted to concentrate a bit on applications that use only standard patches. It's not that I'm irritated by any of the plugins (want to be clear on that!), it's just that it's hard to track this kind of stuff down when it works on some systems and not others.

Anyway, this is an app that uses only standard patches.

I'm also uploading an updated version of the Petri.app with one setting implemented. Petri has been tweaked a bit since this build, but is similar (slight color changes, less whites, more translucent) - it lays on top of your wallpaper and paints somewhat random plumes of color in response to your mouse movement. I've limited this implementation to simply using Kineme GL Tools in it's one non-standard plugin.

Here are some clips - this is Spheres.app: