VUO experiment

VUO Experiment from George Toledo on Vimeo.

Above, is an experiment with the VUO programming language. What is happening, is that a cube is being replicated to form a grid, then that grid is replicated on the z axis. A vertex and fragment shader are attached. The vertex shader is performing a warp across all of the objects, and the fragment shader is creating a generative color pattern...basically a color chase of sorts.

Not a finished concept at all, more of a test, and foundation for some more experiments.

An earlier version, before thinking of adding in world space coordinates to change color, and adding more motion blur to the VUO offline render, is below. I think this one has 2x or 4x motion blur, whereas the clip above has 16x.

VUO Experiment from George Toledo on Vimeo.

free food

Hey dudes and dudettes, I decided to make my last two song releases available for free download for the coming month due to the uptick in listens and interest... & close proximity to my birthday! Thanks for all of the support!